Your Landlord & Tenant Rights Lawyer in Atlantic County and South New Jersey

Mr. Goldhagen has been successfully representing landlords and tenants his entire career. As a third year honors student at Rutgers University School of Law, he defended indigent tenant clients for Camden Regional Legal Services. He also appeared before The New Jersey Superior Court Landlord Tenant Judge, who then offered him a prestigious Judicial Law Clerk position.

Top Notch Negotiator

Mr. Goldhagen is a top notch negotiator. In most cases, he is able to reach a settlement agreement between the landlord and tenant, without the necessity of a Court trial, on possession of the premises, damages, rent abatement, or security deposit refund.

Highly Experienced Litigator

THEY BETTLE SETTLE! If the case cannot be settled, Mr. Goldhagen is a highly experienced litigator, who is ready, willing and able to go to trial and win for his client. In his last Landlord Tenant Court Rent Abatement/Eviction trial, Mr. Goldhagen won a Judgment reducing his client’s monthly rent from $1,300.00 to $300.00, until the landlord made all of the repairs required by the Judge. Not only was his client and his family not evicted, they saved tens of thousands of dollars in rent.

Landlord & Tenant Rights Services

Mr. Goldhagen defends his clients against wrongful eviction, or failure of the landlord to make required repairs, or to refund the security deposit. For his landlord clients, he can obtain a Judgment for Possession and/or damages, whenever the law and facts justify it.

Mr. Goldhagen professionally drafts legal airtight leases for residential and commercial landlords, and drafts all notices to the tenants required by law, and is ready to enforce the lease agreement if breached.

Mr. Goldhagen has a big heart, and takes into account the client’s individual financial ability. His retainer fees, and hourly rates are considered very fair and reasonable. He will work with you, because he cares.

Your case won’t get lost like it would at a big firm. With Jerry you get personalized attention.

By telephone, meeting, or e-mail, Mr. Goldhagen is available for his clients 24 hours a day. Call any time for a free consultation about your case.

There is no fee unless you win.

Jerry C. Goldhagen offers many services such as home/hospital visits, transportation, evening/weekend appointments, free on-site parking and lower percentage fees on larger claims and for children’s claims.

Contact Jerry anytime for a free personal injury consultation.


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