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Mr. Goldhagen has been representing clients who have had their rights violated for over 30 years, whether victims of police brutality, false arrest or imprisonment, assault, harassment and discrimination based upon race, age, sex, sexual orientation or religion.

Highly Skilled Negotiator & Litigator

Mr. Goldhagen is willing to take on difficult cases not considered politically correct, so long as his client has a bona fide good faith claim based upon the facts and law, even if the claim may be against a township, city, county, state, or the federal government, or their employees and officers. He is a highly skilled negotiator and litigator, and most of the cases settle without a trial for a favorable amount of compensation. However, if the offer is insufficient, he is ready, willing and able to take the case to trial to win the maximum jury verdict the law permits, often beyond his clients’ expectations.

Available for Clients 24-7

Mr. Goldhagen will give your case the personal attention, time and resources it deserve. He is available for his clients 24-7, via telephone, meetings, or email.

THEY BETTER SETTLE! Mr. Goldhagen has never lost a police/civil rights/discrimination violation case, and has successfully settled or tried each of these cases for over 30 years. There is no fee unless you win.

Your case won’t get lost like it would at a big firm. With Jerry you get personalized attention.

By telephone, meeting, or e-mail, Mr. Goldhagen is available for his clients 24 hours a day. Call any time for a free consultation about your case.

There is no fee unless you win.

Jerry C. Goldhagen offers many services such as home/hospital visits, transportation, evening/weekend appointments, free on-site parking and lower percentage fees on larger claims and for children’s claims.

Contact Jerry anytime for a free personal injury consultation.


Proudly serving all of Atlantic County from Absecon and Brigantine Islands, Cape May County from Cape May to Ocean City, and all other southern and central New Jersey counties.

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